Gujarat Now The Fourth State To Meet RE Targets For 2022: Report


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Global energy think tank Ember has released its latest analysis, showing that by August India had achieved two-thirds of its end of year 175 GW renewables target.


Gujarat is the latest state to meet its 2022 RE target. It surpassed its target in May 2022 – joining Telangana, Rajasthan and Karnataka. Gujarat’s success has been in a consistent build-rate in the last few years. Also, it isn’t just relying on solar; it’s one of the few states that is still building wind, installing 63% of India’s new wind capacity this year.

Rajasthan overtakes Gujarat. Rajasthan overtook Gujarat in March 2022 with the most installed renewable electricity. Almost half of the renewables built in India this year was in Rajasthan (5 GW out of 11.1 GW). That’s even after Rajasthan had already met its renewable target last December.

Rajasthan and Gujarat are powering India’s transition. In the first eight months of this year 49% of India’s new solar capacity was built in Rajasthan and 63% of India’s wind was built in Gujarat.

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61% of India’s current target shortfall is in just four states. India is 58 GW away from meeting its 175 GW target for December 2022. 61% of this is in 4 big states – Maharashtra (11.1 GW),  Uttar Pradesh (9.7 GW), Andhra Pradesh (9.2 GW), and Madhya Pradesh (6.5 GW).

There was very little new RES installed in these states in 2022 so far. If Maharashtra continued building at the average rate from January to August this year, it would take the state 20 years until they meet their December 2022 target. For Uttar Pradesh, it would take 80 years; Andhra Pradesh would take 44 years and Madhya Pradesh would take 55 years.

State2022 target (GW)Installed capacity, as of August 2022 (GW)% of target achieved% RES capacity growth in 2022 to date
Uttar Pradesh14.24.532%+2%
Andhra Pradesh18.59.351%+1%
Madhya Pradesh125.546%+1%

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