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    14 Years of EKI’s Journey to Rehabilitate the Planet

    14 years of EKI’s journey to rehabilitate the planet

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    EKI Energy Services Ltd. (EKI), popularly known as EnKing International in the climate sector globally, is a leader in the world of carbon credits.


    The company completed 14 years of its inception this year. EKI is now a 14-year-old global climate expert with global market leadership and expertise and now the company is also 14 years young with a greater journey ahead for newer milestones.

    The company was established in 2008 with a vision to make the planet greener and build a safer tomorrow and in this quest, it has enabled thousands to become climate conscious. Deeply passionate about climate as well community development, EKI has been instrumental in numerous green projects that enable GHG mitigation as well as upliftment of the community at large.

    EKI was incepted at a time when global carbon markets were still in a nascent stage. The company brought in a disruption in the market by placing climate action on a pedestal not just within India but also globally as we worked with customers across the world.

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    The passion to green the planet and steer it towards a net-zero future has been the backbone of brand EKI. The company has been successful in placing itself in a position to grow with each climate accord and agreement and has been able to continuously develop platforms, technology and relations.

    A global service provider in the realm of climate action, EKI enables businesses across all sectors with strategic plans to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their climate ambition(s). The company offers an exhaustive bouquet of end-to-end sustainable solutions for climate change and carbon offsets. Its offerings include consultancy and advisory services for carbon asset management and renewable energy certifications & attributes. The company also specialises in driving community-based projects like green cooking for efficient cookstoves in rural homes and nature-inspired solutions (NbS) for climate action.

    With 3000+ customers across 40+ countries, EKI champions carbon offset solutions and is today a leading developer and supplier of carbon credits in the world. The company was listed on the BSE (SME segment) in April 2021, becoming the first carbon credits company globally to be listed on any stock exchange. EKI witnessed one of the most successful IPOs of the year and has since continued strong growth momentum.

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    From an organisation that started with a team of 5 people, the brand has grown into a global team of 250+ professionals across 16+ countries including Dubai, Switzerland, South Africa, Vietnam, Canada, Turkey, Thailand, Mexico, and South Korea, amongst others.

    EKI is a market leader with differentiated offerings and a one-stop- destination for all things related to carbon markets and corporate ESG. EKI recently started manufacturing low-cost emission reduction devices like energy-efficient cook stoves via a group company, taking the benefits of low carbon development to communities at large.

    This year, EKI also charted a new brand journey with a commitment to become net-zero by the year 2030 in addition to defining a target to mobilize up to 1 billion credits within the next 5 years (by 2027). As part of this renewed vision, the company also embraced a new brand identity that brings together the sky, nature and oceans to Steer the Planet to a net-zero future.

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