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Saline Water Conversion Corporation Implements Solar PV System


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Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) announced the implementation of a photovoltaic solar cell systems project. This includes parts on water surfaces that have a generation capacity exceeding 110 MW.


It aims to increase applications of renewable energy within the desalination sector and reduce energy consumption to less than 2.16 kilowatts per cubic meter. The desalination system set up in Al-Jubail has a production capacity greater than 1 million cubic meters per day and is the largest plant using reverse osis technology.

This project is one of many that the corporation is working on. It aims to provide 300 million Metric Million British Thermal Units of natural gas consumption.

In addition, it will reduce fluid fuel consumption to 10 million tons per year by 2024. These efforts will help to lower operational costs, realize the highest environmental standards, and reduce carbon emissions to as high as 34 million tons, in accordance with the Saudi Green Initiative and environmental standards.

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Mobile plants of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation were created and manufactured by the corporation. They rely on solar energy at a rate of not exceeding 2.27 Kilowatts per cubic meter. This is a new record in this category. The corporation aims to reduce power consumption to 2 kilowatts.

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