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MoP Issues Directions to RLDCs for Scheduling Power Under RE Bundling Scheme

MoP Launches Scheme for Procurement of Aggregate Power of 4500 MW for 5 Years Under B (V) of SHAKTI Policy

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The Ministry of Power (MoP), has given directions to regional load dispatch centres (RLDCs), for scheduling power under the renewable electricity bundling scheme.


The April 12, 2022 revision of the scheme for flexibility in generation and scheduling of thermal/hydro power stations through bundling with renewable energy and storage power was published. This scheme included clause 6.4 that allowed for the replacement of thermal/hydro power from any generating station by renewable energy power. Power System Operation Corporation Limited (POSOCO), has asked for clarification regarding the need for an additional contract/ agreement to schedule power.

After examining the matter, it was determined that renewable energy capacity can be installed anywhere and sent to any generating station or beneficiaries. For scheduling power, there is no need for an additional contract/ agreement. The power from the generating station can be sold on the exchange or scheduled to procurers as part of a power purchase arrangement (PPA).

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Accordingly, RLDCs have been ordered under Section 37 of 2003 Electricity Act to implement the provisions of Clause 6.4 of the scheme as well as schedule power under the renewable electricity bundling scheme.

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