Laying Strong Foundation for Large-scale Projects in India, GoodWe Commissions 4MW Solar Plant in Gujarat

Laying Strong Foundation for Large-scale Projects in India, GoodWe Commissions 4MW Solar Plant in Gujarat

Gujarat is situated on the Western coast of India renowned as “Jewel of Western India”. The electricity consumption of Gujarat is 9.5% of India’s total electricity consumption. It is one of the fastest growing states when it comes to solar classification both for rooftop as well as large-scale solar projects. The state has been pursuing the non-conventional energy generation avenues in an aggressive manner encouraging the use of solar power extensively.


On a global level, India is one of the fastest-growing ceramic tile marketplaces. But when it comes to environmental challenges, ceramic manufacturing has a negative reputation because just like steel, cement, and glass, the ceramic industry is an energy-intensive business. Greenhouse gases, Sulphur oxides, and nitrogen oxides are among the gaseous air pollutants produced by the combustion of fossil fuels.


The need arises for cost-effective techniques that boost energy efficiency, minimize carbon emissions and is economically feasible. In this situation, Solar Plants are fast becoming a norm rather than an option in India. Morbi in Gujarat is considered as the ‘Ceramic Hub’ in India and consumes 1% of India’s electricity. Thus, this industry is becoming the largest investor in Solar Market in India.

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Lemzon Granito is one of the largest ceramic manufacturing units in Morbi, aiming to develop solar plant for its factory use. GoodWe joined hands with them to develop 4MW Solar power plant with tracker and Trina 545wp bifacial module at 66kv Piyava S/S, located in Jamnagar, Gujarat.

Total 14 units of GW225KN-HT GoodWe Inverters are powering this Large-Scale Solar Plant.

DEON Energy is the EPC company that partnered with us to make this installation successful. It is a top EPCs company in Gujarat and has installed more than 30MW Ground mounted solar projects and more than 5MW Industrial Solar rooftop projects in last 2 years.

The company official quoted “As an EPC company we highly recommended GoodWe as a solar inverter brand as we have been using more than 80 units of GoodWe Inverters in our various projects. It is easy to choose GoodWe as the inverter brand mainly because of our past experience with GoodWe service team and we got excellent timely service and support from GoodWe team. So, we decided to go with GoodWe GW225KN-HT, one-of-its-kind inverter in India”

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The new HT1500V Series (225/250kW) is GoodWe’s top inverter with an extensive list of features designed to reduce system and O&M costs. It is a perfect choice for the utilization of utility-scale centralized PV plants to maximize the return of investment. The HT1500V Series boasts options of 6 MPPTs and 12 MPPTs, reactive power compensation, and is compatible with bifacial 182mm/210mm modules. It features string level monitoring for intelligent detection of current issues. The series is also equipped with optional Anti-PID function and can realize 24-hour monitoring. For GW225KN-HT & GW250KN-HT, the unique mechanism of smart string protection switch is supported for the DC side protection against short circuits or reverse connections. The configuration of the HT1500V can be easily done via bluetooth, while firmware diagnosis and upgrading can be operated remotely. These outstanding sets of features were conceived to ensure the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and a utility that runs efficiently.

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