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Arabian Cement Company Amends Its 2019 Contract With Amarenco SolarizEgypt To Set Up A Solar Photovoltaic Plant At Its Suez Facility

A file photo of Arabian Cement Company Amends Its 2019 Contract With Amarenco SolarizEgypt To Set Up A Solar Photovoltaic Plant At Its Suez Facility

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Arabian Cement Company (ACC) has amended its 2019 contract with Amarenco SolarizEgypt to set up a Solar Photovoltaic plant at its Suez facility. This amendment aligns with new regulations issued by “EgyptERA”, the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency. It encourages and supports projects that combine solar energy with self-consumption systems.


The updated contract between ASE and ACC complies with the revised regulations limiting the total solar power capacity that can be contracted under the self-consumption system owned by any one of the distributor companies’ customers or licensed authority and is connected with the distribution networks to 30 MW. A maximum of 25 MW is allowed per project.

After commissioning Phase 1, ACC’s total solar energy has now reached 20.6 MW. This plant has been in operation since 2019. It has a capacity of 7,441 kWp and has provided approximately 1,000 MW/month. This represents 3% of ACC’s overall electrical consumption. ACC had already allocated 110,000 square meters to the plant in Phase 1, before allocating a new phase to expand to 155,000 square kilometers to set up solar cells for Phase 2. In addition to the approximately 13,000 tonnes of CO2 saved annually by Phase 2, it also saves 5,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

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Construction will begin in 12 weeks after the revised contract is signed. This corresponds to a 36-week period. In September 2023, the actual commissioning and startup are planned.

In 2018, ACC signed the first deal with SolarizEgypt to manage the construction and operation of the unit over a 25-year period. This was under a BOOT agreement (Build Own Operate Transfer). ACC plans to save significant amounts of electricity costs by incrementally increasing its use of solar power by approximately 10% by 2044.

“As part of our sustainable development strategy, we are continually assessing opportunities to develop Egypt’s cement industry with projects that integrate sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions and renewable energy resources given their significant environmental, social impact and on the economy at large. In line with Egypt’s strategy towards expanding the use of clean energy, we see this as a pioneering step in the cement industry in Egypt and we are proud to continue leading this revolutionary experience with our trusted partner, SolarizEgypt as we look forward to more fruitful collaborations in the future,” said Sergio Alcantarilla, Chief Executive Officer, ACC.

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“We are extremely proud to be a part of this significant project, especially in the wake of COP27 and Egypt’s Vision for 2030, through its tremendous efforts being put in the energy transition to greener and more sustainable resources. ACC is paving the way as a leader in the Cement industry by executing its social responsibilities by meeting the UN SDGs. The confidence ACC has placed in us to proceed with Phase 2 with almost double the first phase in capacity is an honorable acknowledgment of the expertise of our team and business partners,” said Yaseen Abdel Ghaffar, Founder, and Managing Director of SolarizEgypt.

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