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Israel’s H2Pro And Morocco’s Gaia Energy Signs MoU To Supply Green Hydrogen


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H2Pro, an Israeli company, and Gaia Energy, a Moroccan renewable energy developer signed a Memorandum of Understanding to supply green hydrogen.


Moundir Zniber (Founder and CEO of Gaia Energy) said that Morocco had vast areas of land available for giga-scale power production, primarily by solar photovoltaic and wind turbines.

He stated that this could be used to make enough green hydrogen at the lowest prices in the world to supply 20% of European demand.

He said that the new agreement would allow H2Pro to integrate its technology and study the feasibility of producing H2Pro electrolyzers in Morocco.

Esawi Frej, the Israeli Minister of Regional Cooperation said he was happy to sign the agreement with Morocco. This is in contrast to Jordan and the Emirates, which do business with Israel but do it privately.

“Some countries would love to be with us as a mistress, and they won’t tell anyone about our relationship. It’s not open to the public. It’s different with Moroccans. They want us. They talk with us. It is done clearly and at the table. Frej stated this is why I am focusing on how to improve our relationship with Moroccans.”

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The agreement was signed in the presence of Rachid Tahiri as well as Kelthoum Belhaj, top officials from the Moroccan Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development. Also present were Tamar Zandberg (Israel’s Minister of Environmental Protection) and Lior Ben Dor (Director of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Egypt and the Maghreb).

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