Uttar Pradesh Focuses on Alternative Energy Sources


Yogi Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, has instructed officials to concentrate on alternative energy sources, including solar, and to reduce dependence on traditional thermal and hydro power, to cut costs, and to control pollution.


Adityanath, speaking at a meeting about solar energy, stated that electricity would play the largest role in making the state a USD 1-trillion-dollar economy. According to an official statement issued on Monday.


Officials were also directed by the chief minister to concentrate on solar energy in order to meet increasing electricity demand.


He said that the state government had introduced a new Uttar Pradesh Solar Energy Policy 2022. This policy included many concessions for investors in this sector.


To increase solar energy production, the government will construct 18 solar cities. The statement stated that Noida and Ayodhya would be the first to be developed, followed by 16 municipal corporations.

Adityanath stated that the power generated by these solar cities would make up 10 percent of the total state’s electricity.

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The emphasis was also placed on the development of solar power generation in Uttar Pradesh to provide cheap electricity to all citizens, investors included.

According to the statement, Uttar Pradesh’s electricity consumption will rise to 53,000 MW within the next five-years and then increase at 16% per year.

Bundelkhand is developing a solar park that can produce 4,000 MW of electricity per day in order to increase its production.

The first phase of the solar parks will see solar energy supplied by the electricity feeder that is intended for rural supply and agriculture.

It also stated that the solar energy will completely power the irrigation pumps for the fields.

According to the statement, green corridors will be constructed to provide solar energy to different districts.

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