Volvo Car Thailand Installs Solar Charging Stations At Its 4 Dealerships


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Volvo Car installs solar charging stations at 4 Volvo Car Thailand dealers for customers to charge their cars without any cost.


The number of EVs in Thailand is increasing, but slowly. This is causing a rise in demand for electricity at charging stations. More electric vehicles mean more power generation. This usually involves other fossil fuels which create the same amount of carbon dioxide as EVs, which can lead to global warming.

Volvo claims that electricity produced from renewable energy such as solar will help not only with environmental issues but also in terms of cost.

Chris Wailes, managing director, stated that Volvo committed at the start of the year to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50% by the end of three years. This includes cooperation with our partners. Prototype solar charging stations have been installed at each of the four Volvo dealerships. They can lower electricity bills by as much as 106,000 baht per year and reduce carbon emissions by more than 11,500 kilograms every year.

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“We want the environment to be preserved for future generations because climate change represents one of our greatest challenges. We believe that consumers will choose brands that care about doing the right things.”

The Solar Carport connects to the electricity grid. The source of electricity is provided by solar cells. This power is then sent to an inverter which converts direct current to alternating current to feed an EV charger.

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