RUVNL Floats Tender For Setting Up 1500 MW Wind-Solar Hybrid Projects with Storage Across India


Rajasthan Urja Vikas Nigam (RUVNL), has invited bids for setting up of 1500 MW(AC) ISTS-connected Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects anywhere in India with required storage to have flexibility in scheduling of power as per requirement of Discoms through Tariff Based Competitive Bidding for a period of 25 years.


Last date for submitting bids is February 28, 2023. The bids will be opened on March 3.


Bid processing fee is Rs. 5 Lakh +18% GST for each project from 50 MW up to 99 MW and Rs. 15 Lakh + 18% GST for each Project from 100 MW and above,


EMD amount is Rs. 12,00,000/- (Indian Rupees Twelve Lakhs only) per MW; of offered capacity; to be submitted in the form of Bank Guarantee along with the response to RfS.


Within 60 days of the date RUVNL issues the letter of award, RUVNL will enter into an agreement with the successful bidder to form a PPA. Within 24 months of the signing date, the project must be in commission.

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Under this RfS, the Hybrid Power Developer (HPD) shall be required to set up ISTS-connected Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects along with required Energy Storage System (ESS), with the primary objective of supplying WindSolar Hybrid Power to RUVNL providing flexibility in scheduling of power to meet peak demand & respective RPOs, as per the provisions of the RfS and PPA.

Identification of land, installation and ownership of the Project, along with obtaining connectivity necessary approvals and interconnection with the ISTS network for supply of power to RUVNL, will be under the scope of the HPD.

The Projects to be selected under this RfS provide for deployment of WindSolar Hybrid Power Technology with assured Peak Power Supply. However, the selection of Projects would be technology agnostic.

Mandatory ESS of atleast1 MW for each Contracted Capacity of 1 MW and shall deliver 4MWh per day to the RUVNL. To clarify HPD shall be able to supply 1 MW capacity for four (4) hours a day as per requirements of RUVNL.

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For more details view tender document:

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