PKO TFI and Poland’s Enea SA Jointly Invest in Renewable Energy

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The largest investment fund company of the retail market and the vice-leader of the energy market in energy production in Poland intend to jointly invest in renewable energy sources. The heads of PKO TFI and Enea SA signed a letter of intent on cooperation for the development of RES in Poland.


Investment cooperation in the area of ​​development of the dedicated closed-end investment fund PKO Energia Odnawialna is the main objective of the letter of intent signed by Grzegorz Muszyński, President of the Management Board of PKO TFI and Paweł Majewski, President of the Management Board of Enea SA.


Enea SA plans to engage in the Closed-End Non-Public Assets Investment Fund, which will invest in shares of Portfolio Companies that build RES installations and obtain profits from the production and sale of electricity or heat generated in these installations.


Investments in renewable energy sources are one of our strategic directions, in line with current market trends and challenges for the energy sector. The model of the RES Fund planned by us will not only bring profits to investors, but will also contribute to the dynamization of the energy transformation process in Poland. I am very happy that the vice-leader of the energy production market in Poland, Enea SA, expresses its will to cooperate in this innovative formula – says Grzegorz Muszyński, President of the Management Board of PKO TFI.

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The concept of the Fund is a response to the observed trend of energy transformation, meeting the criteria of permanent change and affecting all areas of life.

The Enea Group actively participates in the energy transformation process. The concept of involvement in a dedicated RES Fund may expand our investment portfolio in the area of ​​renewable energy sources in a relatively short time. The synergy of our entities, based on experience, credibility and competence on both sides, can bring excellent results – emphasizes Paweł Majewski, President of the Management Board of Enea SA.

The Fund will strive to achieve its investment objectives by investing funds from payments for Certificates made by investors. Its main objective will be to develop the portfolio of RES installations and, as a result, to generate revenues from the Fund’s investments, in particular from investments in shares or stocks of Portfolio Companies.

The fund will operate on market terms. The Fund’s control over the activities of the Portfolio Companies will be exercised by exercising corporate rights resulting from the provisions of the Commercial Companies Code, as well as the Fund’s rights as a shareholder or partner of the Portfolio Company, provided for in its statutes or agreements, giving the Fund special control rights.

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In connection with the signed letter of intent, representatives of PKO TFI in cooperation with Enea SA will proceed to further work and consultations on the establishment of the Fund.

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