SCZONE Discusses Cooperation With Marubeni Group And JOIN Corporation In Clean Energy, Green Fuels, And Other Fields

A file photo of SCZONE delegation meets representatives of the Marubeni Group and JOIN Corporation.

During SCZONE’s delegation tour in Tokyo to promote investment opportunities; Mr. Waleid Gamal El Dien, Chairman of SCZONE, met with Mr. Hideki Okada- Executive Officer, Head of Business Development at Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Cooperation (JOIN), where they discussed the investment opportunities available within SCZONE. They also discussed the attractive advantages and incentives and review Egypt’s efforts to create an attractive investment environment for all foreign investors. They also reviewed Japanese investments already existing within the scope of the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZONE. The two parties agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding in several fields, in addition to arranging a visit to Egypt soon to visit SCZONE.


Mr. Waleid Gamal El Dien, chairman of SCZONE, and Mr. Mohamed Abu Bakr, Egyptian Ambassador to Japan, and their accompanying delegation met with representatives from Marubeni Corporation headed by Mr. Hidenori Haga, General Manager, middle east & Africa in the group, at Marubeni Corporation headquarters in Tokyo. The representatives of Marubeni Group demonstrated its activities, especially in the field of energy, infrastructure solutions, transportation, equipment and machinery manufacturing, financial solutions, and consumer products. It was noted that the group has activity in green fuel projects and complementary industries, and it also indicated its intention to establish new industrial zones, where the company owns 16 ships of liquefied gas tankers. It owns and operates 250 passenger aircraft and more than 132 subsidiaries around the world.

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On the other hand, SCZONE’s delegation presented the available investment opportunities and the importance of integration between ports and industrial zones. They suggested exchanging data and information to study the company’s potential for establishing an industrial zone within SCZONE, as the company showed interest in new projects in energy and complementary industries to clean energy.


Mr. Waleid Gamal El-Dien also met with Mr. David J. Semaya, Executive Chairman and Representative Director of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group. Mr. David Simaya explained that the Corporation manages more than 700 assets around the world and has more than 4 main branches around the world, in addition to many investments in the fields of new energy and industrial and commercial activities. He stressed their desire to open contacts with companies that will work in the field of green fuel within SCZONE, as the group has green financing programs for this type of project.


“SCZONE offers new horizons for Japanese investment in various economic sectors, as SCZONE is an integrated and unique national economic project l in terms of the location and number of seaports. We also offer our investors various direct and indirect incentives to guarantee an attractive investment atmosphere,” Mr. Waleid Gamal El-Dien declared.

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It is worth noting that these meetings were held during the promotional tour carried out by SCZONE’s delegation in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, during which more than 100 Japanese economic entities met, including companies, banks, and institutions for financing and international cooperation, to introduce the available investment opportunities to the Japanese business community.

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