Amp Energy India Wins 1GW Cell And Module Manufacturing Capacity Under SECI’s PLI Scheme


SECI declared the winners who would be eligible to receive a total of Rs 139.4 billion under Tranche II of the performance-linked incentive (PLI) program to manufacture 39.6 GW of solar modules.


Amp Energy India (AMPIN Solar One) has won 1GW for Basket 3 (CM) and would be eligible to receive a maximum incentive of Rs 1.4billion/ Rs 140 Cr.

The PLI scheme has boosted the government’s efforts to reduce not only the impact of global supply chain shocks but also reduce our import dependence.


The company’s entry into manufacturing will help it gain better control over the supply chain for critical components. It stated that the victory will also enhance India’s solar module production capacity. The demand for solar cells made in India is high, and with beneficial policies in effect, the manufacturing costs will decrease as the industry grows and becomes more competitive.


“Our foray into manufacturing is a strategic move that will enable us to achieve backward integration and enhance our control over the supply chain for crucial components which would help us optimize our operations for quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We have consistently supported the government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign by building, owning, and operating renewable plants in India. This new development is a natural extension of our commitment for an Atmanirbhar Bharat of making solar power in India using solar cells and modules manufactured in India.” said Mr. Pinaki Bhattacharyya, MD and CEO, Amp Energy India.

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