Aradippou Municipality In Cyprus Launches Tender For 2.96MW Photovoltaic Plant


Officials announced that Aradippou, a municipality in Larnaca, Cyprus has opened a tender for the creation of a photovoltaic garden.


The municipality launched an open tender in support of the construction of a 2.96MW photovoltaic plant in the Melissia region. This was done as part of its environmental policy.

The project’s estimated value is EUR3,370,000, plus VAT. It is expected to be completed in 15 months. The deadline to submit the bid is 12 May 2023.


Mayor Evangelos Evangelides stated that “Aradippou once again leads the way, creating a plan that will bring economic and environmental breath to our community.”


Evangelides stated that science has warned for years that fossil fuels must be reduced and eventually eliminated if people want to save the earth.

“As the municipality of Aradippou, our intention, disposition, and vision are to expand the horizons and respond to the current challenges. He stated that the green transition to alternative energy sources must be made immediately.

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