JUWI Shizen Energy Completes Construction Of 100MWp Solar Power Plant In Fukushima City

A file photo of JUWI Shizen Energy completes construction of 100MWp solar power plant in Fukushima City

JUWI Shizen Energy Inc. has completed the construction of a solar power plant of approximately 100MWp (DC) in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture, and the handover was completed on March 31, 2023.


Construction of this power plant began in August 2022 on approximately 186 hectares (most of which were converted from abandoned agricultural land following the application of the newly enacted Japanese legislation to promote renewable energy power generation) in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture, making it the largest power plant ever completed by JUWI Shizen Energy, and is expected to generate annually approximately 107 million kWh of clean and reliable energy, enough to power approximately 31,000 households and avoid over 50,000 metrics tons of CO2-equivalent emissions per year.  Including this power plant, JUWI Shizen Energy has completed EPC projects for solar power plants with a combined output of approximately 602 MW (DC).

JUWI Shizen Energy will contribute to building a sustainable society through the construction of high-quality, community-based renewable energy power plants, utilizing the knowledge and experience it has accumulated around the world. Looking ahead, building on the knowledge it has accumulated through EPC, the company will also engage in development projects that include EPC. Demand for renewable energy power plants is expected to increase further, and the Shizen Energy Group will strive to strengthen its development capabilities.


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