Teralight Launches Israel’s Largest Solar Power Project In Jezreel Valley


Teralight, a renewable energy company in Israel along with the Environmental Protection Ministry, and the Moshavim movement launches Israel’s largest solar power project at the Jezreel Valley.


The “Ta’anakh project” is a large-scale electricity generation system that will provide power to around a quarter million Israelis in over 60,000 homes by the first half of next year.

Ta’anakh will be operating with 250 megawatts installed capacity. This is equal to 5.2% of Israel’s capacity for green energy and 1.2% of the country’s overall electricity capacity. The estimated total financial volume of the project is NIS 9 million.


According to Environmental Protection Minister Idit Silman, the project will flow clean solar electricity into high-voltage transmission networks and contribute to increasing production rates of renewable energies as well as reducing air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions in Israel.


Teralight has been a leader in initiating and developing solar energy locally. The company has about 1,300 MW of projects in Israel.

Teralight CEO Rani Lifshitz said, “The Ta’anakh Project advances Israel in a significant way towards increasing the usage of electricity produced using clean solar energy from Blue and White.”

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He said that the company was in the process of setting up a solar project and storage facilities of a significant amount of approximately 1,000 MW and 375 MWh respectively. These are expected to gradually be connected to Israel’s grid over the next three-year period, and we will thus be the leader in Israel.

According to reports from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, solar energy only accounts for around 10% of Israel. The ministry estimates that solar panels could provide 40% of Israel’s total electricity by 2030 if they were distributed properly.

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