Saudi Arabia Qualifies Over 100 Companies For Small-Scale Solar Projects


A newspaper from the world’s biggest oil exporter reported that Saudi Arabia had qualified over 100 companies to build distributed solar power plants for small businesses and households.


This move is to organize solar energy activities in the Gulf Kingdom, which is moving forward with its plans to switch to cleaner sources of energy as part of its economic diversification plan known as Vision 2030.

According to the paper, the Water and Electricity Regulatory Authority or WERA has certified 106 energy service companies (ESCOs) that will be authorised by the WERA to carry out small solar power projects within the Kingdom.


According to a WERA press release, the paper reported that such projects are intended to meet the needs of households and small businesses in the country. Also, the production of these projects must be a maximum of 2 MW.


It said that “qualified contractors and consultants can design and install small solar power systems and facilities, and perform regular maintenance.”

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The statement said that the aim was to regulate solar energy and to allow consumers to use it in their homes or businesses. This would support the Kingdom’s plan to diversify energy sources.

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