BlackRock Alternatives’ Subsidiary Partners With CleanTech Global Renewables For Solar Assets

Representational image. Credit: Canva

BlackRock Alternatives, and Climate Finance Partnership (CFP) subsidiary of BlackRock, have entered into an agreement with CleanTech Global Renewables for the construction of solar assets in the Philippines.


CFP will support CleanTech in its goal to develop 1GW solar capacity by 2026.

CFP is a public-private financing vehicle that aims to increase the capital flow into climate infrastructure in emerging markets. This investment marks the first Asia-Pacific CFP. BlackRock Alternatives is also launching its first renewables project in the Philippines.


David Giordano is the global head of climate infrastructure for BlackRock Alternatives. He said, “We are looking forward to finding more partners in emerging economies to identify investment opportunities that provide attractive returns, while also contributing to energy transition and resilience, as well as growth within local economies.”


Valerie Speth, the APAC co-head for climate infrastructure at BlackRock Alternatives said, “CleanTech was well positioned for growth in future, given its track record of developing utility-scale projects in the Philippines.”

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Salvador Antonio Castro Jr., President and Chief Energy Officer of CleanTech Global Renewables said, “CleanTech has a commitment to support the Philippines’ energy transformation, preserve the environment, and create a positive impact on the lives of Filipinos.”

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