Yemen Inaugurates Solar Energy Projects At Hospitals And Health Centers In Hajjah

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The President of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen, Marshal al Mehdi Al-Mashat, inaugurated several solar energy projects in hospitals and health centres across various provinces of Hajjah.


The projects, costing a total of 364,562,000 riyals, aim to install solar energy systems and reduce reliance on diesel consumption. The Republican Hospital Authority received a solar power system with a capacity of 350 kW, funded by the Ministries of Finance and Health at a cost of 158,841,000 rials.

Other projects include the Kafal Shammar Rural Hospital (125 kW), martyr Dr Yasser Wathab Hospital (100 kW), al-Mahabesha Hospital (80 kW), Sharaf Kuhlan Rural Hospital (50 kW), al-Shahl Rural Hospital (30 kW), and Ku’idnah Hospital (30 kW).


These initiatives, funded by various sources including the Support and Development Fund, align with the state’s commitment to alternative energy sources and improving medical services in the face of challenging conditions caused by the US-Saudi aggression and blockade.

President Al-Mashat urged the hospitals and the health sector to continue their efforts to enhance medical services and alleviate the suffering of patients.

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