IND Renewable Energy Ltd Announces Rs 26 Crore Rights Issue for Expansion Plans

Representational image. Credit: Canva

IND Renewable Energy Ltd has announced its plan to raise Rs 26 crore through a rights issue, as stated in a regulatory statement released after a board meeting.


This decision modifies their earlier communication where the company had conveyed a proposal to raise funds up to Rs 15,00,00,000. The Board of Directors has now in principle approved the proposal to raise funds up to Rs 26,00,00,000 through a rights issue. The specific terms of the issue, such as the pricing and other details, will be determined by the board at a later date.


A rights issue allows existing shareholders to purchase additional shares in proportion to their existing holdings, often at a discounted price. This move indicates IND Renewable Energy Ltd’s intention to secure additional capital to support its growth and expansion plans. By raising funds through a rights issue, the company aims to strengthen its financial position and leverage the opportunities in the renewable energy sector.


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