LONGi Donates to Catherine’s House to Fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility


LONGi has announced that it has donated 20,000 Australian Dollars endowment gift to Catherine’s House as part of LONGi’s ongoing philanthropic efforts. The donation will help support Catherine’s House, Queensland’s first integrated perinatal mental health centre that provides parenting support, inpatient beds, neonatal clinics, nutrition and other support services to new mothers and babies.


As part of their first five-year Plan started in 2020, Mater Health identified that there was a critical gap in the support of new mothers and their families by the healthcare system in Queensland. Additional support is required for the health and well-being of newborn babies by improving the mental health outcomes of new mothers. For this reason, Mater Health has created Catherine’s House.

This donation is part of LONGi’s commitment to giving back to the community and supporting social causes. As a global leader in solar technology, LONGi is dedicated to driving sustainable development, recognizes the importance of social responsibility and is dedicated to using its resources to help those in need.

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With its valued partner Raystech, LONGi is proud to be one of the many groups, businesses and friends of Catherine’s House who have donated to help achieve the goal of supporting mothers and babies in their time of need. 

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