Sungrow Shows the Way in Green Energy Transformation Across Europe


The Sino-German Economic and Technological Cooperation Forum co-hosted by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany took place in Berlin. Wu Jiamao, Senior Vice President of Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd, spoke as a representative of the new energy sector during the event.


To build a community with a shared future for mankind and achieve a sustainable future, China and Germany are the two major forces in the global energy transition campaign. Wu said that fueled by the global pursuit of carbon neutrality, high-profile enterprises in the sector should take the lead to provide safe, efficient, stable and reliable product solutions through technological innovation and boost industrial transformation towards a green development model.


As a worldwide renowned supplier of inverter and energy storage systems, Sungrow is providing key technology for the realization of zero-carbon goals, offering products and services to more than 150 countries and regions around the globe. Its total installed capacity of inverter and converter equipment exceeded 340 gigawatts across the world as of December 2022.

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Europe is a stronghold for global new energy development and a highland for Sungrow to promote cooperation and innovation. The company has set up more than 10 subsidiaries in Europe, where hundreds of employees of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds are working on multiple major energy projects.

Around 40 percent of European employees are from its German branch. The company has won the Kununu Top 2022 Company Award and authoritative certification of “The Great Place to Work”.

Sungrow has also established a research institute in Germany, carrying out research on the interaction of PV inverters, wind power converters, battery energy storage and green hydrogen, and cooperating with local universities and academic institutions.

The company has been deeply involved in a number of major energy transition projects, including Germany’s largest unsubsidized photovoltaic project, Germany’s Smart Power energy storage project, and benchmark projects in Spain generating several hundred megawatts.

As of now, the cumulative shipment volume of its inverters to Germany has exceeded 19GW, contributing to the country’s green energy transition and supporting the development of local communities.

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These benchmark projects have become models of China-Europe clean energy cooperation and green energy transformation in recent years, providing more possibilities for China-Europe cooperation in such an area, the company said.

Wu said in order to promote the digitization and upgrade of the clean energy industry, energy storage systems must achieve full-chain security to ensure the safety, efficiency, and grid-friendliness of the entire lifecycle of energy storage systems.

Sungrow is the first company to propose the concept of “triple integration”, which means combining power electronics, electrochemistry and power grid support technologies. And through professional integration, the company is creating a safe energy storage system to maintain the stability of new power systems.

Wu said: “The future of the energy industry will be upgraded towards a low-carbonization, digitization model, multi-energy synergies among PV, wind, ESS and hydrogen energy. Adhering to the mission of clean power for all, we are using professional expertise to achieve long-term sustainable environmental and social value development and to actively respond to global climate action. We also look forward to sharing technology and resource circulation, jointly promoting green development in Europe and the world.”

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