Climate Action Towards COP28: Sungrow and Power n Sun Hold a Mangrove Planting Event in Abu Dhabi to Help Realize the UAE’s ‘Year of Sustainability’ Goal


Sungrow, the global leading inverter and energy storage system solution supplier, held a mangrove planting event with its distributor Power n Sun in Abu Dhabi on June 20th. The event was aimed to help local carbon reduction, achieving the UAE’s ‘Year of Sustainability’ goal, and contributing to the upcoming COP28 in Dubai at the end of 2023.


As part of the implementation of the UAE’s strategic initiative to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has launched a roadmap for a national carbon sequestration project, which aims to plant 100 million mangroves at the national level by 2030.

The Emirates is already home to 60 million mangroves, when 100 million more mangroves are planted, they will help to expand the local mangrove forest area to 483 square kilometres, and capture 43,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, which will be a strong force to fight climate change. As a result, the government is calling on various organizations and people to participate in planting mangroves.

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“We aim to work closely with non-governmental organisations and the private sector to fulfil our commitment to safeguarding the sustainability of our mangrove forests,” said Mariam Al Mheiri from the UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment.

Sungrow, as the world’s leading renewable energy supplier, has been deeply cultivated in the Middle East for many years and has taken practical actions to help improve global climate change and accelerate the process of carbon neutrality.

“The Middle East is full of potential for developing clean energy, and Sungrow is honoured to be an important force in the region’s carbon neutrality. In recent years, Sungrow has supplied its latest state-of-art renewable energy solutions to many major solar and ESS projects in the Middle East, and provided clean power for international events such as the Qatar World Cup and COP27,” said Lei Wu, Acting COO of Sungrow MENA region.

“More importantly, Sungrow has also been deeply involved in global and local climate actions. We are very happy that Sungrow is collaborating with Power n Sun to participate in mangrove planting in Abu Dhabi. We hope that more partners can participate in the acceleration of a sustainable future!” Mr. Wu highlighted.

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“We have cooperated with Sungrow in the clean energy sector for a long time and we are important partners to each other. Through working together in bringing clean energy to the region, mangrove planting will accelerate carbon neutrality, ” commented Mr Lkverma, Managing Director of Power n Sun.

Mangroves provide a natural infrastructure to help protect nearby populated areas by reducing erosion and absorbing storm surge impacts during extreme weather. In addition, mangrove forests shelter rare species and regulate the complex food chain system. When faced with global carbon neutrality, the most important property of mangroves is the ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Research shows that mangroves are five times better at absorbing and storing carbon dioxide when compared to mountain forests. Furthermore, mangrove forests are ten times better than terrestrial forests in carbon storage as mangroves store 34 million tons of carbon per year.

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