Skyfri: Revolutionizing PV Solar Asset Management for Optimum Efficiency


    The growth in PV solar sector is tremendous, with trillions of dollars invested. The growth makes it challenging to manage solar power assets with optimum efficiency. The biggest problems are acquiring the data from the site, processing the data, remote monitoring and control, and analysis of data. Skyfri offers end-to-end digital asset management solutions for PV solar plants.


    Skyfri is a Norwegian clean-tech company having headquarters in Oslo, Norway and having offices in US, Singapore, London, South Africa and India. Skyfri is a one stop solution to cater to all the needs of the solar PV plants- right from SCADA to analytics platform and Operations and Maintenance.

    Skyfri’s IoT device fetches the plant data from the site at a remote location and transfers the data from the site devices to the cloud under a strong security protocol. It is device agnostic and easy to install. Data is then stored and monitored by our cloud platform for analysis of plant performance and optimization of loss. Integrated CMM (Computerised Maintenance Management) system dynamically creates incidents and assigns priority tickets to site teams and/or OEMs. Various modular functions enable efficient day-to-day management, and we break down silos with easy integration with third-party software. Enabling one single source of truth for asset managers and –operators and maximizing performance – in real-time.

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    The below picture describes different products by Skyfri.


    The hardware solution of Skyfri is pre-configured, including Pyranometer and module temperature sensors. By bundling the hardware and software, Skyfri offers a solution that delivers control, data analytics, insights and control.

    It is ideal for scaling distributed solar assets as it is an all-in-one package designed to reduce installation time, cost and where all the risks of configuration, compatibility and installation errors are taken out of the equation. This is also a proven alternative for retrofitting on existing assets where data collection is a challenge.

    This solution is available in the US, Europe now and will soon be launched in other markets.

    Skyfri Intelligence:

    Monitoring: The Monitoring module provides real-time as well as historic analysis of the important KPIs. It also provides visualisation of different KPI graphs for different time intervals. SCADA alarms can also be integrated to this module.

    Analytics: This module has advanced analytics like loss bucketing, soiling analysis, equipment efficiency loss and other controllable and uncontrollable losses. Insights are directly provided as to where the O&M team should concentrate, to bring back the plant to its optimal efficiency.

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    CMMS: The CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) provides the complete solution to manage Preventive maintenance, Breakdown maintenance, Ticketing, Material Management and Permit-to-work.

    Billing: The billing module of Skyfri Intelligence provides a Tariff billing solution. This is a customised module that can tailor-made according to the requirements of the customers.

    The Skyfri intelligence is device agnostic and can be used for both rooftop and ground-mount plants. This system is available globally. For any sales-related queries, please drop your requirements to

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