Exploring The Potential of Direct Contracts Between Traders and Renewable Energy Developers: Implications and Opportunities – Sharad Pungalia, MD CEO, Amplus Solar

Sharad Pungalia, MD CEO, Amplus Solar

What is your take on new renewable energy projects being directly contracted between traders and RE project developers?


It is a good incentivization provision and has proved beneficial in many global markets. In this derivative, traders start aggregating power at a fixed strike price. For the developer, the CFD mechanism hedges the price risk by offering a stable and guaranteed revenue stream. Conversely, the aggregator benefits in multiple ways like getting green attributes in exchange and achieving scale towards net zero commitments.  A lot of green energy traders in India have also been seeking clarity on the acceptability of CFD in the country. Apart from the regulatory clarity on the recognition/treatment of such products, a serious push from the government will be required to facilitate a merchant market for renewable energy. This would require policy support for developing a merchant market primarily extending unrestricted open access/energy evacuation capabilities for both generators and consumers.  

How will this impact the prices?

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We are at a very nascent stage in this sphere, and we don’t see any major impact on the pricing in the near future. However, in the case of the high acceptability of this mechanism in the long run, a shift from long-term PPAs to power trading will make the spot markets more competitive for solar generation hours.  

How will this impact developers and the industry as a whole?

This is a progressive initiative and will provide opportunities for developers and traders to offer innovative products/arrangements meeting the specific requirements of the end consumer. Successful deployment of this model would require the deployment of advanced AI  and financial engineering.  Once there is adequate framework and support for the free movement of energy, we should see significant RE capacities getting set up under this mode.

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