Sunpure, Leading Full-Scene PV Intelligent Cleaning Robot And One-Stop Service Provider


    The Middle East is set to become a market leader in renewable energy. Up to 90GW of renewable energy capacity, mainly solar and wind power is planned across the MENA region over the next 10- 20 years.  


    Yet harsh environments and desert climates pose challenges for PV projects. Vast deserts and various extreme climatic conditions are very likely to cause sand accumulation in the modules which will lead to soil loss. The range of soil loss could be incredibly wide even though you manually clean the PV module rather often. Why risk the loss of power generation when Sunpure is providing intelligent robotic cleaning solutions that could solve the problems?

    Inherent advantages paired with customized solutions for the MENA


    Sunpure’s intelligent PV cleaning solution has three main unique advantages in the MENA region:

    Sunpure attaches great importance to the MENA market and has successfully delivered its products at various locations such as Red Sea and Rabigh in KSA, with a cumulative delivery of more than 1GW. It’s a great honor that Sunpure has become an indispensable supplier of PV cleaning robots in this market. For the next step, Sunpure will continue to engage the MENA market, accelerate the localization process, understand local demands, shorten the service response time and provide more cost-effective services to serve clients in the MENA region.

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    Fastest growing PV robotic cleaning solution provider globally

    It is worth mentioning that Sunpure has recently launched a brand-new system — SmartPure Cloud Platform. Based on AI, Edge computing and IoT technology, the system provides PV power plant with an intelligent, convenient, efficient, and safe solution through intelligent methods such as remote monitoring and management, full-dimensional perception of the power plant site, one-stop access with intelligent equipment, and remote issuance of operation strategies to fully meet the management needs of administrators.

    In addition, Sunpure completed the Pre-A round of financing worth tens of millions of dollars in July 2022, led by GL Ventures. The financing from well-known ventures is a significant milestone and favorable proof that the company will continue to grow steadily and healthily.

    [About Sunpure]

    As the leading player in PV cleaning robot industry, Sunpure Technology specializes in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. The product line covers PV railed、trackless cleaning robots and intelligent shuttles. Based on the cloud platform and big data technology, the company has launched the SmartPure cloud platform to provide a full-scene intelligent cleaning solution for the industry.

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    Up to now, Sunpure Technology has obtained over 130 patents and has the industry’s first TUV Eyewitness Laboratory. Over 10 offices and service outlets in the Middle East, India, Latin America and China are set to create greater asset value for global customers. Sunpure Technology has shipped PV Cleaning Robot for a cumulative 4.5GW globally, covering 12 countries.

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