Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Authority Proposes Draft Regulations for Green Energy Open Access

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The Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Authority (GERC) has introduced a draft set of regulations for Green Energy Open Access, inviting public feedback until July 26. Named the Draft Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (Terms and Conditions for Green Energy Open Access) Regulations, 2023, these rules aim to provide green energy open access benefits to different categories of power consumers.


Under the proposed regulations, three types of power consumers are eligible for Green Energy Open Access: long-term consumers (12 to 25 years), medium-term users (over three months up to three years), and short-term users (as short as one month). These rules apply to consumers with a contracted demand of up to 100 kilowatts (KW). The regulations prohibit applicants from entering into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or any bilateral agreement involving multiple parties for the applied capacity.

The draft rules establish a timeline for various services related to green energy open access. For captive consumers, the distribution companies (discoms) and the commission must verify the captive status of the generator and consumers within three months of receiving all necessary documents. Applicants are required to submit the long-term green energy open access agreement within 13 days of transmission and wheeling agreement.

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Designations under the draft rules include the Gujarat State Load Despatch Centre (SLDC) for short-term services and the State Transmission Utility (STU) as the nodal agency for granting long-term and medium-term services. The regulations prioritize green energy open access applications over general open access applications, with long-term consumers receiving the highest priority, followed by medium-term consumers, and short-term consumers being given the last priority.

Additionally, the draft rules outline non-refundable fees for applicants, ranging from Rs 5,000 for short-term services to Rs 50,000 for long-term services. They also establish the application procedure for day-ahead green energy open access transactions, requiring applicants to submit applications in the standard format through the central portal.

The GERC aims to facilitate the adoption of green energy by streamlining the open access process and ensuring a fair and efficient system for consumers seeking to access renewable power sources.

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