Iberdrola Promotes Solar Grazing in PV Parks in Portugal


Iberdrola’s photovoltaic parks in Portugal are using a unique approach to a circular economy by utilizing nearly 300 sheep for “solar grazing.” This practice promises multiple benefits to the stakeholders involved. Livestock farmers gain additional grazing areas for their animals, enhancing their farming activities. Solar farms also benefit from the ecological maintenance of the land and a reduced risk of fires. And the animals themselves benefit from access to food and find shelter from harsh environmental factors.


Iberdrola continues to expand the practice of “solar grazing” in its photovoltaic plants in Portugal. The Algeruz II photovoltaic plant, with 28 MW of installed capacity, has introduced 200 sheep to graze within its premises in the district of Setúbal. Similarly, the Conde PV plant in Palmela, completed last year, accommodates 70 sheep for grazing. Additionally, Iberdrola is also in the process of introducing 200 sheep to the Alcochete I and II farms.

“Solar grazing” not offers environmental benefits such as soil regeneration and fire prevention but also contributes to the local economy and community well-being. This integrated approach to renewable energy development in Portugal also shows the harmonious coexistence of electricity production and the needs of the population.

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The practice of “solar grazing” generates employment and supports other sectors like livestock farming, while also enriching the soil with nutrients and promoting the growth of new seeds, thus enhancing biodiversity in a natural manner. By controlling vegetation height, the maintenance costs are reduced, and the risk of fires is mitigated, creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders:  shepherds, Iberdrola, and the sheep themselves.

“At Iberdrola we work to ensure that renewable energy generation structures coexist positively with the population, generating local employment and supporting different initiatives aligned with the primary sector, such as the planting of vineyards or the installation of beehives. Our goal is to promote the transition towards a new socio-economic model that is climate neutral, resilient, sustainable and inclusive”, says Alejandra Reyna, Country Manager of Iberdrola Renováveis in Portugal. 

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