EU-Funded UNDP Project Empowers Lefka/Lefke In Cyprus With Renewable Energy

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In an exciting project funded by the European Union (EU), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is proud to announce the implementation of three crucial measures to enhance energy efficiency and promote renewable energy production in Lefka/Lefke. These measures have a dual aim: to promote sustainability and significantly reduce energy consumption while contributing to a broader island-wide reduction in CO2 emissions.


The first measure focuses on supporting the installation of a state-of-the-art 300 kWp solar photovoltaic panels system. By harnessing the boundless power of sunlight, this system is expected to generate an impressive 500,000 kWh of clean, green energy annually.

In addition to the solar initiative, the other two measures center on the water supply system. Through the introduction of an automated pumping system and the replacement of water tanks to mitigate leaks, the EU-funded Local Infrastructure Facility (LIF) project aims to significantly enhance the efficiency of water distribution. Experts predict that this initiative will reduce energy consumption for water supply by a remarkable 30%. Through efficient water resource management, the local community will not only conserve valuable energy but also set an example for sustainable water usage.

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Mr Kjartan Björnsson, Deputy Director & Head of the Unit for Cyprus Settlement Support at the Directorate-General Reform of the European Commission, expressed his enthusiasm for these initiatives, “By tapping into renewable energy sources, the local community will reduce its dependence on fossil fuel-based energy and take a significant stride towards a greener energy mix. The successful implementation of this project will unlock the potential for further investment in renewable energy initiatives and demonstrates the EU’s and other stakeholders’ commitment towards sustainable energy and bridging divides in Cyprus.”

Jakhongir Khaydarov, Head of Office at UNDP, emphasized the significance of these developments, stating, “The installation of solar photovoltaic panels and the improvement of the water supply system in Lefka/Lefke signify our commitment to mitigating climate change and promoting sustainable development in Cyprus. By generating clean energy and ensuring responsible water resource management, we are reducing carbon emissions island-wide and fostering a positive impact on the environment and the well-being of the community.”

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The combined impact of these energy efficiency measures, including the installation of the Solar PV system and the enhancement of the water supply system, is projected to result in a staggering reduction of 1,184,587 kWh/year in fossil fuel-based energy consumption.

This substantial reduction equates to approximately 805.52 tons of CO2 emissions saved annually, making a significant contribution to an island-wide reduction in carbon emissions. By enthusiastically embracing these initiatives, the Lefka/Lefke local community is setting an inspiring example for other communities to follow in their pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future.

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