Iberdrola Facilitates Beekeeping at Portuguese Solar Plants


In July 2022, Iberdrola partnered with a local beekeeper, Coolbelha, to introduce beehives within its operational photovoltaic plants. A total of 30 beehives were installed, evenly distributed between the Conde and Algeruz II photovoltaic facilities situated in Setúbal district, Portugal.


Prior to the installation, a thorough feasibility study was undertaken in conjunction with the beekeeper to determine the optimal hive locations. This assessment took into account not only the safety of the plant equipment but also the well-being of the operation and maintenance personnel. The hive installation ensured the protection and security of the bees as it was done at night.

 Landscape Integration Projects are currently in progress for the photovoltaic plants. These forward-thinking endeavors encompass the cultivation of specific aromatic species, referred to as melliferous plants. This addition serves a dual purpose: elevating the quality of the honey produced and establishing a harmonious connection between beekeeping activities and the generation of sustainable energy.


Bees also act as pollinators within a radius extending up to one kilometer around their hives. Through their dedicated efforts, these insects play an integral role in preserving the biodiversity of the local flora.

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Q1 of 2023  saw the introduction of sheep grazing within the photovoltaic panel areas. This initiative contributes to the local production of cheese and wool, fostering a holistic approach that intertwines energy generation and sustainable resource utilization. These are integral components of Iberdrola’s Environmental Plan. This comprehensive strategy exemplifies a global commitment to not only mitigate environmental impacts but also champion local development, safeguard natural resources and biodiversity, and endorse the principles of the circular economy.

The Conde photovoltaic park reached completion at the close of the previous year. With an installed capacity of 14 megawatts (MW), this facility is projected to curtail carbon dioxide emissions by 6,000 tonnes annually. The Algeruz photovoltaic park, a product of last year’s efforts, comprises a staggering 50,580 photovoltaic modules. With a collective installed capacity of 27 MW, this facility stands as a testament to Iberdrola’s commitment to sustainability, anticipated to mitigate around 14,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

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Iberdrola is committed to becoming a prominent advocate of solar power in Portugal. It will have an extensive portfolio of 2,000 MW of photovoltaic power distributed across various regions within the country in the coming few years. With 41,200 MW of renewable energy installations worldwide, Iberdrola stands as a global leader in the renewable energy sector.

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