CW Energy Installs 12,326.81kWp Rooftop Solar Power Plant, Advancing Clean Energy In Balıkesir

A file photo of CW Energy Installs 12,326.81kWp Solar Power Plant, Advancing Clean Energy in Balıkesir

CW Energy has successfully installed a 12,326.81kWp solar power plant on the roof of a company in Balıkesir, marking a significant step towards sustainable energy. Through this solar power plant, the company is set to make a substantial impact by reducing carbon emissions by about 6,459,865 kg annually, equivalent to the preservation of 975 trees.


Volkan Yılmaz, CEO of CW Enerji, expressed his delight in contributing to the growing interest in solar power plants in Turkey. He emphasized their commitment to leveraging the latest technologies and highlighted the importance of solar energy as an environmentally friendly, clean, and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Yılmaz pointed out the fortunate geographical position of Turkey for harnessing solar energy and stressed the significance of adopting solar power for a cleaner environment and future.

Yılmaz underscored that solar energy offers a durable and cost-effective solution, making it a particularly attractive option in Turkey due to its high potential, ease of utilization, and renewable nature. He affirmed CW Enerji’s dedication to creating a cleaner world for generations to come, exemplified by their collaboration with a Balıkesir-based company. Through this partnership, a solar power plant with a capacity of 7015.24 kWp was installed, contributing to a reduction of 3,685,526 kg of carbon dioxide emissions yearly and the conservation of 556 trees.


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