SJVN Green Energy Secures Letter Of Awards For 320 MW From APDCL

Representational image. Credit: Canva

SJVN Green Energy Limited (SGEL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SJVN, has been awarded a Letter of Award from Assam Power Development Corporation Limited (APDCL) for the development of three Solar Power Projects with a combined capacity of 320 MW.


The award was secured through SGEL’s participation in three distinct tariff-based competitive bidding tenders conducted by APDCL. These tenders comprised projects of 50 MW, 70 MW, and 200 MW capacities. Notably, the 50 MW and 70 MW projects fall under the solar park category and have been granted at an attractive tariff rate of ₹3.92/Unit. The 200 MW project, designed to be established anywhere in Assam, has been allotted at an equally competitive tariff of ₹3.90/kWh.

These pioneering solar power projects will be developed under the Build Own and Operate (BOO) model, demonstrating SGEL’s commitment to driving sustainable energy initiatives. Forecasts indicate that the combined energy generation from these projects is estimated to be 628 MUs (million units) in the first year alone. Over 25 years, these projects are anticipated to generate an impressive cumulative energy yield of approximately 14,591 MUs.

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In alignment with the terms specified in the Request for Selection (RfS), the projects are slated for commissioning within 18 months from the date of signing the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), with a projected commissioning deadline of March 2025. The PPAs, to be signed between APDCL and SGEL, extend over 25 years, further cementing the company’s role as a key contributor to India’s sustainable energy landscape.

The total estimated investment for the construction and development of these pioneering solar projects, totaling 320 MW in capacity, stands at around ₹1,900 Crores. Apart from driving economic growth, this substantial investment is poised to play a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions. Specifically, the commissioning of these projects is projected to lead to a reduction of approximately 7.14 Lakhs Tonnes of carbon emissions, in line with the Government of India’s crucial mission to combat climate change.

This achievement underscores SGEL’s commitment to the renewable energy sector, showcasing its prowess in competitive bidding, and project execution, and its dedication to a greener, more sustainable future for India. With these developments, SJVN Green Energy Limited takes a significant step forward in its contribution towards a cleaner, more environmentally responsible energy landscape for the nation.

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