Indian Coal and Lignite Firms Set Ambitious Goal of 5,570 MW Renewable Capacity by 2030

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As part of their commitment to reducing carbon footprints and moving closer to achieving net-zero carbon emissions, coal and lignite companies in India are actively promoting renewable energy initiatives. These efforts encompass both rooftop and ground-mounted solar projects, with plans to develop solar parks in areas previously used for mining activities.


As of May 26, 2023, coal and lignite public sector undertakings (PSUs) have successfully installed 1,656 MW of solar capacity and 51 MW of wind power. In alignment with India’s ambitious renewable energy targets, coal and lignite companies have set their sights on installing a total of 5,570 MW of renewable capacity by 2030.

Coal India Limited (CIL), a significant fossil fuel producer, has undertaken measures to transform itself into a Net Zero Energy Company. CIL has committed to implementing a 3 GW solar power program by 2025-26, with plans to develop 398.8 MW of capacity in FY2024, 1,443 MW in FY2025, and 1,158 MW in FY2026. Currently, CIL has already installed 11 MW of rooftop solar power.

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Another notable achievement is credited to NLC India Limited (NLCIL), which became the first Central Public Sector Undertaking (CPSU) to reach 1 GW of installed Renewable Energy capacity. In FY 2022-23, NLCIL generated a record-breaking 2.2 billion units of energy, the highest among CPSU coal companies. NLCIL has ambitious plans to expand its renewable portfolio, targeting over 6 GW of renewable power capacity by 2030.

Furthermore, in support of India’s “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (Self-Reliant India) initiative, Coal India Limited is in the process of establishing a Wafer Manufacturing Plant. This strategic move aims to bolster the domestic supply chain and ensure a steady availability of solar panels for the growing renewable energy sector.

These initiatives underscore the growing emphasis on sustainable and clean energy practices within India’s coal and lignite industries, as the country endeavors to transition towards a more environmentally friendly energy landscape.

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