PUMA Energy Zimbabwe Set To Deploy 300 Solar Systems By The End Of 2023

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Puma Energy Zimbabwe has ambitious plans to deploy around 300 solar systems throughout its retail network by the end of 2023. This initiative aims to bolster the reliability of its power supply while contributing to the global shift toward clean energy sources.


The company, committed to expanding its market share, recently announced a five-year, $10 million investment plan for network expansion. While the exact investment figure for the solar projects hasn’t been disclosed, the budget has been approved, and implementation will proceed once technical details are finalized.

Solar energy presents a cost-effective solution to Zimbabwe’s energy challenges, eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure development like long-distance power line installations. PUMA has already identified working partners in the solar energy sector and has established teams to design projects, particularly for strategic service stations.


Donatien Kodog, General Manager of Puma Energy Zimbabwe, expressed their commitment to solarizing the retail network, part of a broader plan to install 300 solar projects across their network by the end of 2023. Zimbabwe’s abundant sunlight, proximity to the equator, and consequently high solar radiation levels make solar power a dependable and consistent energy source in the region.

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Solar energy is both clean and renewable, producing no harmful emissions or pollution. It reduces dependence on environmentally degrading energy sources like fossil fuels, thereby lowering greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change. Solar power systems come in various scales and can be customized to meet the specific energy needs of different communities, from individual households to larger installations for institutions and industries.

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