Solar and Storage Industry Takes Action to Safeguard Pro-Growth Clean Energy Policies

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The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is urging solar and storage companies to unite with hundreds of American businesses in sharing their success stories, hosting site visits, and signing a letter to Congress. This letter calls for the preservation of the Inflation Reduction Act’s pro-growth energy provisions.


These energy and tax policies have provided $100 billion in solar and storage investments in the past year and are projected to inject $565 billion into the economy by 2033. These investments are not only generating hundreds of thousands of American jobs but also revitalizing clean energy manufacturing in the United States, ultimately strengthening the nation’s energy security.

“The scale of the clean energy boom that is underway cannot be overstated, as we see thousands of businesses open their doors, announce expansions and hire workers in every corner of this country, every day,” said SEIA president and CEO Abigail Ross Hopper. “It’s clear that the clean energy policies passed last year are working and the American people can feel it. SEIA is calling on every solar and storage business to join our effort to protect these pro-growth policies and demonstrate that, beyond the beltway, people are seeing what true energy dominance looks like.”

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The analysis from SEIA reveals promising trends for the solar and storage workforce. It is anticipated to grow exponentially, reaching close to half a million Americans by 2033, with over 100,000 employed in manufacturing roles.

Furthermore, the data indicates a significant surge in solar and storage manufacturing facilities, with at least 65 announced in the past year alone. By 2026, the capacity for solar manufacturing in the United States is expected to expand by 17 times. 

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