Saudi Shura Council Calls For Expansion Of Solar Panel Industry And Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The Saudi Shura Council, in coordination with the Ministry of Energy, has called for the expansion and localization of the solar panel industry and its components to boost the local content of the renewable energy sector.


During a session chaired by Dr. Abdullah Al Sheikh, the Council approved recommendations that included the adoption of a strategy for evaluating green hydrogen production programs. They emphasized supporting industries that have not achieved local self-sufficiency at competitive energy prices, considering them as promising sectors.


The Council also voted in favor of a recommendation by Dr Musleh Al-Harthy to study the implementation of hybrid renewable energy systems, combining solar and wind energy, to create an integrated system that enhances electricity production efficiency and adds value to the national economy. Studies have shown that such hybrid systems can meet a significant portion of energy demand without the need for expensive energy storage batteries.


Furthermore, integrating wind and solar energy is advantageous as wind power tends to be more effective at night, complementing solar energy, which operates during the day. This approach can optimize land use, reduce environmental impact, increase production efficiency, and lower costs.

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Global experiences have shown that hybrid systems combining wind and solar energy are among the most successful, widespread, and efficient forms of renewable energy, thanks to the complementary nature of these energy sources in terms of production efficiency throughout the year and day.

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