SolaX Power Connect-Lucknow: Uniting Innovation, Inspiration, and Sustainable Connections


SolaX Power, a global pioneer in solar solutions, hosted a spectacular event last Friday, “SolaX Power Connect-Lucknow” an exclusive event that showcased SolaX’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and building strong connections within the industry.


The event commenced with an inspiring introduction of SolaX Power. Mr. Vipin Bhardwaj, the Country Manager of SolaX Power India, passionately shared SolaX’s vision for a sustainable future powered by cutting-edge technology. The highlight of “SolaX Power Connect” was the impressive product showcase, where attendees can witness firsthand the innovative technology that SolaX brings to the table.


Product Highlights


X1-Hybrid LV(3-6kW): T his low-voltage hybrid inverter stands out with features such as UPS-level switching time, EPS output of up to 200% for 10s, and future-ready generator compatibility. It also supports a 16A DC single string input current, which make it work well with high-power solar panels.

X1-Boost G4(2.5-6kW): Elevate your energy experience with dual MPPTs, Global MPP scan, and smart I-V curve diagnosis for component detection, delivering unmatched performance and convenience for a smarter, more efficient lifestyle.

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X3-Mega G2(40-60kW): Discover the brilliance of smart night-time reactive power compensation, optimizing your energy production. Rest assured with IP66, Arc-fault circuit interrupter, and SPD protection, ensuring your system’s safety and security.

X3-Forth(80-125kW): Designed for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) scenarios, this solar inverter shines with an impressive 99% efficiency. Maximize your energy generation with multiple features like 12 MPPTs, 150% PV oversizing input, and 110% overloading output.

Beyond products, “SolaX Power Connect-Lucknow” offered a splendid stage for networking. As the night unfolded, guests enjoyed a delightful dinner and cocktails, fostering valuable connections within the industry. Mr. Vipin Bhardwaj also shared his gratitude, emphasizing the event’s purpose, “This event signifies our commitment to unite with our customers and the world’s pressing need for sustainable energy. Together, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future.”

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