LONGi Unveils Hi-MO X6, A New Brand Identity for its Distributed Products


LONGi has announced an upgrade to the branding of its distributed products – Hi-MO X6 – highlighting its commitment to the enhancement of the user experience globally.


Having undertaken a thorough analysis of customer needs and expectations, the company has long recognized the market’s requirement for the combination of quality and innovation, a need addressed by the Hi-MO 6 module, which incorporates advanced HPBC cell technology specifically designed for distributed scenarios. In order to more effectively reflect the core value of the product, its brand identity is, with immediate effect, upgraded to ‘Hi-MO X6’.


Rather than being perceived as a simple gesture, the re-brand underlines a history and ongoing commitment shared by LONGi, its customers, and partners, to the provision of a distinctive product delivering ultimate satisfaction wherever in the world it is deployed.

The new Hi-MO X6 brand identity, dedicated to enhancing the experience of every distributed user

The Hi-MO X6 has been meticulously developed by LONGi’s product team over two years of exhaustive end-user research, with the result being a tailored solution for the distributed market combining ultimate efficiency, maximum safety, and seamless integration with architectural aesthetics.

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Built upon high-efficiency HPBC cell technology and featuring a frontal busbar-free design, the product’s design maximizes the utilization of incident light, reduces optical losses, enhances conversion efficiency, and consequently optimizes LCOE. The standard version of the HPBC cell has achieved an efficiency breakthrough of 25.5%, while HPBC + cell efficiency exceeds 25.8%. Equipped with this cutting-edge technology, Hi-MO X6 shows a 6%–10% improvement in power generation performance compared to traditional modules. With a maximum module efficiency of 23.3%, the product sets a new value benchmark for the global distributed market.

On October 8th, LONGi will be launching in China an enhanced version of its Hi-MO series products with a new, innovative design.

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