TERC Orders Approval Of 80 kWp Grid Connected Rooftop Solar PV Project Amidst Dispute

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The Tripura Electricity Regulatory Commission (TERC) has issued an order regarding the installation of a grid-connected rooftop solar power plant by The Partner, The Tripura Flour Mills, Unit-Tripura Cold Storage at their facility in Dharmanagar. The Tripura flour Mills had initially applied for a 120 KWp capacity system under net metering arrangements in May 2022. However, due to administrative issues, their application got lost in the process. They reapplied in January 2023 but were advised by the Senior Manager, Electrical Sub-Division, Jubarajnagar, North Tripura to apply for only 15% of the connected load, which amounted to 23.25 KWp, citing TERC Net Metering Regulation, 2016.


Following these developments, the Commission scheduled a hearing on August 2, 2023, to resolve the issue amicably. A four-member committee was formed for this purpose. The committee was given ten days to submit a report based on the latest Commission guidelines. However, the Commission found no consensus in the committee’s report during the hearing on September 12, 2023, and directed the members to meet afresh and submit a mutually agreed report before the next hearing on September 21, 2023.

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Following the directive, the committee met, and in their report submitted on September 16, 2023, it was mentioned that both parties had mutually agreed to install an 80 KWp capacity solar power plant instead of the initially applied 120 KWp. The Tripura flour Mills requested to use rated DC panels of 100 KWp capacity, generating a maximum of 80 KWp AC power.


After hearing all parties and considering the arguments, TERC issued its final order. The Commission acknowledged the importance of promoting renewable power and encouraging consumers to become prosumers by setting up their power plants. In this specific case, despite the entitlement to 120 KWp solar-based power, the Commission accepted the committee’s recommendation and ordered the distribution company (DISCOM) to approve an 80 KWp solar-based power plant, with a time-bound approval process of one month.

This decision represents a step toward promoting solar power adoption in a region with relatively low radiation levels, aligning with broader renewable energy objectives.

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