SOFAR’s Strategic Approach to Inverter Success in the Indian Solar Market – Jesse Lau Head of APAC & MEA Region SOFAR

Jesse Lau Head of APAC & MEA Region SOFAR
  • Can you outline your strategy for successfully launching SOFAR inverters in the Indian market?

Launching SOFAR inverters successfully in the Indian market involves careful planning, market analysis, product adaptation, strategic positioning, marketing, branding & digital marketing, and effective execution.


Speaking of the Indian market, C&I and the utility sector have always been our focus. By H1 2023, our shipment to India has reached over 2.5GW. Meanwhile, driven by the optimistic expectation of upcoming C&I and small-scale utility applications, we also introduced the brand-new 100-125KTL-G4 to local customers.

  • How do you position SOFAR’s products uniquely?

We offer one of the broadest portfolios of PV and energy storage solutions for residential, C&I, and utility applications, including microinverter systems, PV inverters ranging from 1kW–350 kW, hybrid inverters ranging from 3kW–125 kW, battery storage systems, utility ESS and SOFAR Monitor smart energy management system.


Since the beginning, we have always focused on improving product reliability and being innovative with independent R&D. SOFAR has been able to establish itself as a trusted and reliable partner in the industry, providing high-quality inverters and batteries that meet the unique needs of customers in both India and across the globe. Recently we also finished the first stage of our new production base which is designed for a net-zero future. These facilities boast cutting-edge technologies in robotization and automation, which ensure top-quality products.

  • How do you intend to penetrate different segments of the Indian market, such as residential, commercial, and industrial, with SOFAR’s solar inverters?
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SOFAR adopts both an active approach is new product innovation by R&D and a passive approach to market entry, both of which play a significant role in penetrating the Indian market.

The result of ten years of exploration and independent R&D, SOFAR has won recognition from industry partners since its entry into the Indian market. During the Powering Forward New Product Launch, SOFAR signed MoUs with different partners in India’s prevailing presence in the PV market.

In the meantime, SOFAR has launched another new product 320kW string inverter PowerMega tailored for utility PV. This high-current inverter made an impressive debut at SNEC by solving traditional sore points and combining efficiency, safety, and user-friendly all in one. With a max. efficiency up to 99.05% and 20A input current per MPPT, the inverter is compatible with 210/182mm modules and enables higher power yields. Featuring IP66 and C5-M anti-corrosion, it manages to survive harsh environments with a wide range of working temperatures from -30℃ to 60℃. In addition, it supports I-V scanning which allows to pinpointing faulty strings thus maintaining stable operation around the clock.

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How do you plan to navigate these challenges and ensure a smooth distribution and installation process for SOFAR’s products?

Providing comprehensive installation manuals and training materials to both distributors and installers is crucial. This ensures that everyone involved understands the proper installation procedures, reducing the likelihood of errors or complications. Quality control implement strict quality control measures to ensure that the products leaving the manufacturing facility are in optimal condition. This minimizes the chances of defects that could lead to issues during installation or use.

Partner selection is important for choosing reliable distribution partners who have experience in handling similar products. Partners with a solid track record in product distribution and installation can significantly contribute to a smooth process.

  • SOFAR has been expanding its product portfolio beyond solar inverters. What are your views on energy storage technology, cost, trends etc.?

We’ve been offering all-scenario energy storage solutions with various rating PCS, including the utility ESS PowerMaster and C&I ESS PowerIn. There is great potential in the storage segment and that is why so many inverter players have entered this field. Storage options have now been applied to many different scenarios including utility, C&I and residential projects. For large-scale PV stations, storage can help shave peaks and improve power quality. For C&I projects, it can improve off-grid utilization. Storage technologies will allow for more reliable and flexible operation of the electricity distribution and transmission grids, enhancing electric power quality and making renewable energy user-friendly.

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