GoodWe Powers Malaysia’s Campus Sustainability with Solar Energy Storage Systems


GoodWe, a global provider of solar inverters and energy solutions, has collaborated with Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia’s largest comprehensive university, to implement a 200 kWh commercial and industrial (C&I) energy storage project.


UiTM has been committed to contributing to the nation’s sustainable development since its inception, evident in its ownership of a 50 MW and a 25 MW large-scale solar power plant and a 9.6 MW PV rooftop across seven campuses. The new project provided by GoodWe, situated at UiTM’s Penang campus, demonstrates the mutual goal of advancing the renewable energy development in the region.


The project is innovative for both the university’s operations, as it will ensure a reliable energy supply and reduce electricity bills by 10-15% annually, and their research purposes related to VPP (Virtual Power Plant), including grid dispatching, peak-shaving and frequency regulation.


Mohd Najib Mohd Hussain, an associate fellow at UiTM’s Solar Research Institute (SRI), expressed, “I discovered GoodWe through a friend, and after my research, I found it to be a top brand for solar energy storage solutions. Upon contacting them, I was impressed by their exceptional commitment and proactive customer service. Their solutions, with easy installation and user-friendly features managed through their app, are highly competitive.”

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Two energy storage systems are involved in the project: one that integrates GoodWe’s 100 kWh Lynx C lithium battery with a 50 kW ETC hybrid inverter, and the other features a 100 kWh Lynx C and a 50 kW BTC – AC coupled retrofit inverter.

In each system, surplus generated power during off-peak periods is efficiently stored in the battery and discharged when electricity prices peak, significantly reducing reliance on the grid power and driving cost savings. Both systems can switch to the backup mode in under 10ms, ensuring an uninterruptible power supply for critical loads and bolstering the overall resilience of UiTM’s power infrastructure. Moreover, with the modular design, each 50 kW ETC or BTC inverter can be paired with up to three Lynx C batteries, making future system expansion hassle-free.

The system can be configurated via SolarGo app and its operation is monitored through GoodWe’s smart Energy Management System (SEMS), which provides functions including data processing, customized charts, alarms and maintenance for a reliable and user-friendly system management.

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The university also views the project as a practical and educational laboratory for staff and students specializing electricity and technology. Intending to develop its own virtual power plant (VPP), UiTM plans to compare the two systems adopting hybrid inverter and AC-coupled retrofit inverter, respectively, evaluating their performance, compatibility, and economic considerations to make informed decisions.

James Hou, GoodWe Sales Head in APAC, said, “As a top manufacturer for solar energy storage systems, GoodWe strives to achieve the highest energy conversion rate to ensure our customers maximize their clean energy benefits. UiTM represents the first of our many upcoming green projects in the region. For us, empowering the youth with knowledge and experience through such projects is what propels the green energy movement forward.

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