GoodWe Introduces Solar Solutions at Solar Energy Products Launching Ceremony in Myanmar


GoodWe, a renowned global provider of solar inverters and energy storage solutions, recently celebrated a significant collaboration with Good Brothers (GBS) Solar. The collaboration aims to drive Myanmar toward a greener future, offering top-tier solar products that promote environmental sustainability and long-term development.


Together, both companies hosted the “GoodWe Brand Solar Energy Products Launching Ceremony”, at the prestigious Pan Pacific Hotel in Myanmar.


During the event, GoodWe introduced region-tailored solar energy innovations, including inverters and batteries, along with cutting-edge technologies, drawing more than 300 industry experts and solar enthusiasts from across the nation.


Myanmar’s electricity demand is on a continuous rise. In 2014, the country initiated “The National Electricity Master Plan,” envisioning a significant capacity increase by 2030. The nation’s energy landscape, characterized by a substantial reliance on hydropower, faces challenges due to extended dry seasons. The need for a stable electricity supply in such periods is met by solar power integrated with energy storage systems, offering a reliable solution.

Central to GoodWe’s presentation focused on energy storage solutions tailored for residential and commercial applications. Notable products included the ES G2 series inverter (3–6 kW) paired with the Lynx U lithium battery (5.4–32.4 kWh) and the ET series inverter (5-30 kW) combined with the Lynx F lithium battery (6.6–16.4 kWh). These solutions efficiently store solar energy, allowing users to optimize consumption, ensure backup power during grid outages, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

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For commercial and industrial applications, the GoodWe SMT Series inverter (25–60 kW) took the spotlight. Its unique fuse-free design simplifies maintenance and offers cost-effective operations. The safety features ensure reliability even in challenging environmental conditions.

Additionally, GoodWe showcased their on-grid inverters, including the HT series (73–120 kW), designed for C&I and small utility projects.

Jonas, the Solar Academy Manager at GoodWe, expressed optimism about the future of solar energy in Myanmar. He highlighted, “These offerings underscore GoodWe’s dedication to delivering solutions that cater to Myanmar’s specific needs. The solar market in Myanmar is unpredictable yet promising, and GoodWe remains committed to contributing to Myanmar’s energy sector by introducing the latest solar technology to this region. ”

Terry Aung, Head of GBS Solar, expressed with enthusiasm, “GBS Solar takes immense pride in our partnership with GoodWe for their solar products in Myanmar. This collaboration holds tremendous significance, underscoring the commitment of all parties involved to drive forward sustainable energy solutions in our region.”

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As Myanmar takes significant strides toward electrification and sustainable energy, GoodWe is proud to play a role in this transformative journey, offering innovative solutions that contribute to a cleaner, greener, and more electrified future.

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