Sungrow Debuts New High-Powered Residential Single-Phase Hybrid Inverters


Sungrow, the global leading inverter and energy storage system supplier, introduced its brand new high-powered residential single-phase hybrid inverters SH8.0RS and SH10RS at All Energy Australia 2023. A simplified multi-layer high protection design and compatibility with large capacity SBR/SBH batteries allow more families to enjoy clean power backup for their entire houses.


Clean power with whole home backup


Both the SH8.0 and SH10RS series products support DC/AC ratio oversizing, allowing two times the power rating to be applied to PV panels in each power class. In addition, the new product adopts the Sungrow Global MPPT function to keep the system in the best condition. Compared to the conventional solution, the yield is increased by 2%, further reducing family power costs.


As the rated power of the new SH8.0-10RS increases, the overload capacity increases by 1.3 times. When equipped with the Sungrow SBH/SBR large capacity battery, it can easily support entire home power backup. In the event of a power outage, home energy can be switched seamlessly to backup power within 10ms with Sungrow’s hybrid inverters, ensuring uninterrupted clean power and a more comfortable user experience.

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Upgraded design and digital management platform make O&M more convenient

The SH8.0-10RS is equipped with a horizontal device on its mounting bracket, which reduces manual operation steps and speed up the installation process. Plus, by logging into Sungrow’s iSolarCloud, users can monitor system operation and device status online in real time to efficiently manage their renewable energy assets.

Multiple safety protections make clean energy more suitable for families

The SH8.0-10RS uses AFCI 2.0 technology to detect arc faults within a distance of 200m with 99.9% accuracy. It can cut the power supply within 0.2s to ensure system safety. Moreover, it uses a three-layer EMC wave filter of Class B white goods level, which shields people from magnetic interference while protecting electrical equipment.

The use of high powered intelligent electrical appliances, such as heat pumps, smart switches, and smart home appliances, is increasing in accordance with carbon neutrality.  In the future, Sungrow will continue to innovate and upgrade its PV and storage systems and expand product applications to more fields including smart microgrids, to provide clean energy for everyone by promoting safer, more efficient, and user-friendly solutions.

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