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    Established in 2000, TBEA Sunoasis Co. Ltd. specializes in the research and development of intelligent equipment in photovoltaic, wind power, power electronics, energy internet, and other fields, as construction and operation of power stations and provision of inverters, energy storage and flexible DC converter valve and other power electronic equipment. Driven by its mission of “Green Energy for Better Life”, TBEA Sunoasis makes contributions to the national carbon peak and carbon neutrality goal. It has more than 10 permanent offices worldwide, with business in over 20 countries and regions, such as India, Pakistan, Brazil, Spain and the Philippines, to provide customers with integrated solutions for clean energy projects from development, investment (financing), design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance.


    In the fields of PV power generation, its independently developed full range of 8kW-9,000kW grid-connected inverters have the characteristics of high capacity ratio, high efficiency, and high reliability. They are applied in scenarios including residential use, industrial & commercial use, ground power station, desert, gobi and the wildness, and serve more than 1,000 PV power stations of various types such as fishing PV, agricultural PV and offshore PV power stations in more than 20 countries on four continents. Its products have been approved and tested by multiple domestic and foreign authorized certifications and test such as CQC and CGC New National Standard, TUV, VDE, CE, G59, BDEW, SAA, UL and CEPRI High/Low Voltage Ride Through, and are among the first batch of accredited Top Runners in China’s PV Field and China’s Efficiency A+ Certification. Its global steady operation capacity has exceeded 46GW.

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    In the field of power quality, because of the “Reliable Quality” of 3.3kV-35kV/1-100Mvar full range HV TSVG products, the online operation rate of the parallel system is greater than 99% under severe conditions. Now, the global capacity of TSVG products in total exceeds 17Gvar.


    During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the Company, based on the national energy safety strategy, the core development philosophy of “Continuously providing the optimal cost per kWh”, will make full use of AI, Energy Internet, Big Data, Cloud Computing, IoT and other advanced technologies in the fields of PV, wind power, microgrid, energy storage, multiple energy complement complementation, industrial & commercial and residential distributed energy and other clean energy fields, to continuously deepen exchanges and cooperation with the entire industry chain. In addition, relied on the advanced technology, quality products and reliable services, the Company will provide customers with the life-cycle green and intelligent solutions ranging from development, investment and financing, design, consulting, engineering services, operation, electricity sales and green intelligent products. Let’s gather strength to contribute to “Carbon peak and carbon neutrality”.

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