Tenaga Nasional Berhad Accelerates Malaysia’s Net Zero 2050 Vision Through Pioneering Partnerships In Sustainable Energy

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In a significant move towards realizing Malaysia’s Net Zero 2050 goals, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), the country’s leading sustainable energy solutions provider, has entered into two pivotal Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with industry giants Huawei Malaysia and RHB Banking Group.


The first MoU, forged with Huawei Malaysia, is poised to unlock the potential of green energy solutions and accelerate TNB’s energy transition agenda. TNB’s President and CEO, Dato’ Seri Ir. Baharin Din, emphasized the crucial role of digitalization in energy transition, stating, “The partnership with Huawei will leverage digital transformation, tapping into new opportunities in green energy solutions and modernizing TNB’s IT and telecommunications infrastructure.”


The second MoU, in collaboration with RHB Banking Group, aims to expedite the adoption of renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) solutions among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and individuals through green financing solutions. TNB intends to provide technical advice on energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, including supplying and installing Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems to SMEs, addressing the upfront costs that often hinder such transitions.

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Dato’ Seri Ir. Baharin Din highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating, “This partnership is pivotal in promoting sustainable business practices and advancing our energy transition initiatives. It aligns perfectly with TNB’s Net Zero 2050 aspiration and Malaysia’s carbon neutrality target.”

The partnership with RHB Banking Group also includes organizing engagement sessions with SMEs across major cities, starting in November 2023. These sessions will serve as a platform for TNB to introduce energy efficiency technology and solutions, while RHB Bank will share various green financing products to support SMEs in adopting sustainable business practices.

These strategic collaborations underscore TNB’s dual approach to advancing Malaysia’s energy transition efforts—leveraging digitalization with Huawei to facilitate a sustainable shift in energy, and partnering with RHB Banking Group to empower SMEs and individuals to adopt renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions. TNB’s commitment aligns seamlessly with Malaysia’s ambitious national goals and places the company at the forefront of the country’s sustainable energy future.

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