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C&I Solar Energy Storage Market Outlook 2022

6th April 2022 @ 3:30 pm 5:00 pm IST

In these recent years, the commercial & industrial (C&I) sector has seen a tremendous development of solar power integration in order to reduce the carbon footprint and air pollution. This also helps in reducing their energy cost.


However, to continuously provide power and increase solar penetration, an energy management system coupled with an energy storage system becomes a priority. But how to monitor and control the energy flow, store it and make it available during the time of need in a smart and intelligent way? Fortunately, the technologies and tools to address these challenges exist today. 


Webinar on “C&I Solar Energy Storage Market Outlook 2022” will help the developers and EPC players to figure out key technical considerations required to efficiently monitor and control their rooftop hybrid plants and what are the latest solutions available for this.


After attending this webinar you’ll have an understanding of:

  • Overview of the current C&I solar market
  • Understanding the current & Projected market share of Storage in C&I Solar Segment
  • How ESS will help in current grid reliability and overcoming other challenges
  • What are the various energy storage technologies available? What are the challenges and benefits of behind-the-meter storage
  • What are the suitable applications of these technologies
  • How to achieve levelised cost of energy storage
  • The need for hybrid energy storage (battery plus another technology) solutions to meet the requirements of different C&I segments
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