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How to Sell Solar Remotely in the Time of Social Distancing: Building Accuracy in Sales Forecast, Project Design & Financial Modelling

15th October 2020 @ 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm IST

Virtual Event

About the Event

The pandemic is reshaping the lives of people around the world. To ensure the safety of our team, customers, and society as a whole, we have created this event to offer a fresh and premium outlook for all Solar Stakeholders & Installers who want to re-align on their business strategies. When conducting remote sales the strategies must be strengthened because building trust is more challenging virtually than in person, one needs to ensure that clients get the same important information that they would receive during an in-person appointment. Choosing the right virtual tools is essential to making this happen as transitioning to remote sales will be difficult for sales team and hence it is important to develop a remote sales process by building new skills, giving additional tools. Selling Solar remotely comes with many benefits such as saves team time and cost, allows to reach new leads faster, integrate new practices for the benefit of customers, sell more solar installations & better suit the preferences of modern consumers who prefer to make purchasing decisions online.

In this Session you will learn the latest industry tricks to grow your solar business and gain market share during the times of Social Distancing, let the prospect follow along with any visuals, slides, your solar proposal, and even your solar design software. This allows you to showcase the design and effectively communicate the information the prospect needs to be confident in the decision to buy solar from your company. Whether you’re a solar installer, solar sales team, manufacturer, distributor or lender, this session will provide you with solutions to increase your bottom line.

It’s worth taking a close look at selling solar remotely, if you’re not already. In this event, we break down what you need to put in place a strong system for selling solar remotely. It’s time to say goodbye to typical sales process and use softwares and mechanisms that ensures accurate solar design, financial analysis and sales strategy as the backbone of a remote solar sales process.

Rooftop Solar Has A Good Decade But Not A Good Year.

A must attend for Project Management, BD & Sales Professionals from Developers, EPC’s, Installers, System Integrator, Consultants, Financial Institution, Service Providers & OEM’s to get insight, tips and tricks on how to get ahead in today’s growing industry. 


Nikita Salkar