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Arcedo Systems, a Solar EPC start-up which was found in 2016 by young technocrats after their successful stints together in various portfolios. Being a start-up, we explore various innovative solar set-up and models through and we had already implemented India’s first large scale floating solar in Vishakhapatnam (2MW). Also, we had also executed one of the largest solar carport model with our own proprietary design which withstood Cyclone Fani (205kmph) in Odisha, apart from the normal ground mounted and rooftop solar power systems.




With a vision to not only become a no.1 company in implementing various innovative solutions in solar space, we wanted to be approached by any organization or a client for a one-stop solution whether in EPC or I&C requirement. This makes us a unique company for being an all-rounder in solar energy sector within shorter period of time.
In addition to the existing portfolio, we are diversifying our business into Electric vehicle as well, and plans are afoot to make it into a realization at the earliest in a business model where no manufacturer in India has ventured-into.

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Business Concept
Our business concepts evolve from time to time where no other company has tried out in India or anywhere else in the world even when it is demanding for an economical solution. Also, we operate on various models whether it is OpEx or CapEx model, we can invest in projects for clients with good ratings. As mentioned earlier, we can fit into various shoes whether as an EPC company or an I&C company where we can prove our quality by adopting various solution for a faster completion.

Team & Management
With a growth of 80% YoY from the day Arcedo was started, we are a 65+ company now from a 3-member team at the initial stage. To enter and make a mark in India and overseas we have started campaigning around India and Overseas to scout for projects and name for ourselves. This company was found by 3 key members i.e., Mr.Sandeep Vangapalli, Mr.Navneeth Rao Gannamaneni and Mr.Vijay Kumar Gangaraju in the year 2016.

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Customers & Projects
We can proudly say that we are not limited to any particular dimension in solar sector as we are here to fill-in the gaps where anyone else finds it difficult to accomplish and or looking out for innovative solutions with zero compromise on quality. We very selectively accept projects where we can really add good value in terms of providing innovative solutions. Most of the times we get repetitive business from our existing customer base, this shows the quality and commitment we put forward to our customers.

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