K2 Systems And SMA Interconnect Module Mounting With PV System Planning


Good news for installers: The process of planning PV systems – from roof mounting to electrical system design – is now easier and more convenient. The new planning software from K2 Systems features a direct interface with inverter planning tool Sunny Design, from SMA Solar Technology AG. Interconnection of mechanical and electrical planning processes for PV systems means data no longer has to be entered multiple times and planning efforts are thus significantly reduced.


And it could not be easier: At the beginning, the user designs a suitable mounting system in five steps using the K2 Base software. In the last menu option – ‘summary’ – the user can simply click the K2+ button to send the entered project data directly to the SMA Sunny Design planning tool and immediately start planning the electrical and thermal simulation of the energy systems. All that is required to use the new feature is K2 Base and a Sunny Design user account.

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K2+ at a glance:

  • Interconnectivity: Easy transfer of layout changes
  • Reduced complexity
  • No multiple data entry necessary
  • Planning time decreased – less planning equals more installation
  • Receive expert knowledge from manufacturers

Sunny Design at a glance:

  • Design of PV and battery systems
  • Electrical and thermal simulation of entire systems, including heat pumps, CHP plant and boiler
  • Presentation of important energy and efficiency key figures
  • Detailed consumption and load profile analysis
  • Planning of electric vehicles and charging stations

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