Emmvee To Create A Chaotic Disruption In Cloud-Synced Solar Technology And Smart Engineering At The Intersolar Expo, 2019!


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Emmvee is launching new products at the Intersolar Expo, this November. With the introduction of PowerHub and 400Wp Solar Module, Emmvee aims to ease energy-saving hurdles with its innovative design. These new additions to the industrial range of products in the Emmvee family are ensured to create havoc to the solution space and generate imminent value in its market.


Join us at the Intersolar Expo on 27th-29th November, 2019 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) Bengaluru, India to witness the launch of these new futuristic solar-powered products at its best.


As an initiative towards green energy & its conservation, these brand new products are being introduced to stimulate innovation and create an awareness of Emmvee’s eco-friendly solar-powered products. At first stop, we have – The PowerHub. The PowerHub is a suitable alternative solution to your regular conventional power backup storage system. It is child-friendly and a very secure product to use at home as it runs on a very low voltage output. Apart from storing energy, its Battery Management System (BMS) gives you a clear overview of all the processes in the individual memory modules that you can easily expand. The Energy Management System (EMS) gives the consumer a consolidated overview of the energy they consume and helps in the conservation of energy in the most convenient way. This modular and expandable system promises a long-life performance, safety and years of energy independence to the user. This solution is supported by a monitoring system which keeps you updated on the status of the device from a mobile or any web-enabled device regardless of where you are.

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The PowerHub has been designed in Germany with an exemplary performance style and flexibility in mind. It is housed in a rugged and stylish stainless steel outer cabinet for indoor and outdoor application.

● The glass door allows full visibility for you to operate the system.

● You can start with a smaller system and add further units if your future energy storage needs change.

● The intelligent controller protects the life and performance of the system.

● The Battery Management System is the brain of the PowerHub and communicates the full status to any tablet or smartphone device to wherever you are.


● Houses

● Commercial space

● Hospitals

● Industries

● ATMs, etc.

Next, we have – Emmvee 400Wp Half-Cut Cell Module, a Solar PV Cell that yields higher energy output through lower cell resistance. Emmvee’s most advanced half-cut cell technology increases energy efficiency by upto 20.5% when compared to other standard Photovoltaic modules. It truly represents “Less is more” by its engineered efficiency.

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● Higher Efficiency

● Excellent Current Distribution Performance Reduces Power Loss

● Resistant Against Salt, Mist, Ammonia, Dust & Hail

● Excellent Performance Under Weak Light Conditions

● Good Temperature Efficiency Enables Better Output In High-temperature Regions

● Half Cell Generates Only Half Of The Current, Lowering Heat Production And Less Hotspot Increasing Module Reliability

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